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REALSELFRealization: Akram Vignan, Direct Path Of SELFRealization Founded By The Gnani Purush 'Dada Bhagwan' Is Spiritual Path To Attain SelfRealization, Which Leads To Ultimate Liberation:
Your spiritual journey has brought you to this website. We welcome you, to the knowledge of your very own Self ! We invite you to receive the priceless gift of Akram Vignan which is unconditionally offered to you to satisfy your search and complete your spiritual journey. A few words of orientation will help you to understand Akram Vignan. Akram Vignan, Direct Path Of SELFRealization Founded By The Gnani Purush 'Dada Bhagwan' Is Spiritual Path To Attain SELFRealization, Which Leads To Ultimate Liberation. Click: Dadashri The Gnani Purush of Akram Vignan

Rare is the enlightened being capable of initiating a seeker directly into enlightenment and Rarer is the one who can elevate seeker immediately to the highest stage of Self-Realization.  Through the extremely powerful ceremony of enlightenment called 'Gnan Vidhi' from Pujya Deepakbhai, spiritual seekers throughout the world have been awakened and are experiencing the eternal bliss of the Soul in this very life time. They now face the challenges of the worldly life with equanimity. 

Anyone with sincere spiritual interest is qualified to receive this unconditional and invaluable Gnanvidhi, free of charge.

Realization of The REAL SELF Now: 
REALSELFRealization: Akram Vignan, Direct Path Of SELFRealization Founded By The Gnani Purush 'Dada Bhagwan' Is Spiritual Path To Attain SELFRealization, Which Leads To Ultimate Liberation:
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Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jai Kar Ho

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Hari Om TatSat Jai Guru Datta

Hari Om TatSat – This first part of the mantra translated means:

The love, power and driving force which is the love of God,
The eternal substance of the Universe, from which all is made,
And the Universal Consciousness, the intelligence of Creation,
That is the only Truth, That is the only Existence.

Jai Guru Datta – The second Part of the mantra translated means:

Let us rejoice, and fill our hearts with joy,
The One who lights the darkness, is the Light
The One who illuminates the Truth, is the Truth
Guru Datta is within us all.

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Hare Krishna Store
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As Featured on ArticleCity.com
Title: Meditation Videos - Meditation Techniques

The Goal of Meditation may have different objectives and values to different people. Ideally Meditation should be an integral part of living a spiritual lifestyle integrating Yoga in various forms and organizing one’s life well balanced along the lines of Spirit Mind and Body. With this in mind,  one may incorporate into one’s daily routines a Meditation Practice utilizing one of many techniques that is available. All Meditation Techniques have some value, even though they vary in as many ways as there are techniques. The world of meditation is appealing to more and more people from all walks of life all over the world. With the advent of mass availability of the Internet along with advances in Internet Technologies with Broadband that is now widely available, Meditation Videos presenting all kinds of Meditation Techniques have not only made the practice of Meditation more approachable, but also Meditation Videos have taken the mystery out of Meditation, easing the way for self-starters, beginners as well as those who are considered intermediate or advanced to also participate in watching Meditation Videos.

Many schools and areas  of Yoga such as Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga and others,  just to name a few, have clearly defined techniques and practices relating to each specialty area. All schools and branches of Yoga   are connected in one way or the other with Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,  which is the origin of Yoga in all its forms and glory, undiluted in its original form since its origins about 200 years BC. Meditation Techniques in various forms and applications  are  an integral part of all Yoga practices.  Meditation can be practiced with all the documented benefits without the practice of Yoga, even though one who is practicing any form of Meditation is technically practicing Yoga. Most recently Osho have designed many useful meditation techniques applicable to a modern lifestyle paving the way with a broad focus, yet leaving the way open for so many other approaches.

This Article is the first of a series of articles that will touch upon various topics on Meditation, almost all of which are now readily available through Meditation Videos. Topics that will be covered in this series include, but not limited to, the following list of topics: what is meditation, benefits of meditation, guided meditation techniques, laughter meditation, spirituality articles,  learn to meditate with meditation techniques from various spiritual teachings, plus free music and meditation downloads and podcasts. Science is also discovering that different meditation techniques have different effects on the brain and physiology and overall well being of the practitioners. Articles dedicated to sharing meditation techniques and concepts from all traditions will also be covered.  The emerging paradigm is that different meditation techniques yield different results, involve different cognitive processes and produce different brain patterns. Whether or not the benefits of some meditation techniques are not yet substantiated by valid research, what is most important is that anyone who meditate will definitely notice positive benefits, irrespective of the Meditation Technique applied.

Meditation Videos present audio visual opportunities to enhance the Meditation experience of the viewer with  generous free samples of every inner journey tools and format, along with Guided imagery and guided meditation MP3 downloads. Meditation Videos can be your guided meditation spiritual divine guru. Credit is well deserved by Meditation Videos providers of guided meditation as the efforts can be overwhelming with the details to provide a quality product. Guided  meditation utilizing Meditation Videos uses visualization techniques and a subtle rhythm to guide your mind to the relaxing Alpha State. This is done through the combination of audio visual presentation and guided meditation utilizing Advanced Sound Technologies such as Binaural Beats with BrainWave Entrainment Benefits.

About the Author

Bharat Anand RajANANDA has been a serious student and practitioner of Yoga and Meditation from the young  age of 14. He is 63 years old as of November 25, 2010 and applied  these teachings in all areas of his life. His focus on Spirit, Mind and Body is well integrated into his life at all levels and areas. These teachings and applications have contributed very positively to his life’s affairs and provided the ways and means of successfully coping with life’s challenges, trials and tribulations, with always a sense of peace, love, harmony, goodwill, inner joy, happiness and bliss.

Bharat Anand RajANANDA

http://www.COSMOSGroup.Org   http://COSMOSMeditationVideos.com 
Bharat  Profile: http://goo.gl/vy9EO  & http://goo.gl/v5djJ
© 2011

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90 Day Free Trial of Smart Subscriber
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Monday 9 May 2011

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna, and His eternal consort, Srimati Radharani are enjoying transcendental pastimes in the topmost planet of the spiritual world, Sri Goloka Vrindavan. They are beckoning us to rejoin them. (Click on photo to see a larger image.)

Our Mission: To help everyone awaken their original Krishna consciousness, which is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. Such a global awakening will, in one stroke, solve all the problems of the world society bringing in a new era of unprecedented peace and prosperity for all. May that day, which the world so desperately needs, come very soon. We request you to participate in this mission by reviving your dormant Krishna consciousness and assisting us in spreading this science all over the world. 

Dedicated with love to ISKCON Founder-Acharya: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, our beloved spiritual master, and to you, our dear readers.

Today's Thought:
Krishna Consciousness in All Situations
Uploaded from Bhaktivedanta Ashram--Austin, Texas USA
One test of how well situated you are in in Krishna consciousness is how well you can maintain your Krishna consciousness in any and all situations. The key for doing this successfully is to carefully and faithfully follow these guidelines:

1. Regularly chant your prescribed number of rounds of the Hare Krishna mahamantra every day on your japa mala beads as early as possible in the day, ideally before sunrise. For initiates this is at least 16 rounds daily. For others, it is according to their vows.
2. Strictly avoid illicit sex, meat eating, intoxication, and gambling because these  pollute the consciousness making it difficult, if not impossible, to remember Krishna.
3. Spend as much time as possible every day reading and hearing the transcendental glories of Lord Sri Krishna (Krishna katha).
3. Render as much service as possible to the Krishna consciousness movement regularly contributing to it as much as possible in as many ways as possible.
4. Always pray to guru and Krishna that you can be saved from the grip of maya  or illusion.

If you will stick to the above principles, you will always be happy in ever-increasing Krishna consciousness in all situations. 

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
Question: Brahman, Paramatma, and Bhagavan
What is the difference between Brahman, Paramatma, and Bhagavan?
Answer: Perfect, More Perfect, and Most Perfect
Brahman is the impersonal aspect of the Supreme, the undifferentiated oneness. Paramatma is the four-handed form of the Supreme Lord situated in the heart of all living beings. And Bhagavan is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the source of all existence. One who realizes Brahman has a perfect realization of the sat or eternity aspect of the Supreme. One realizes the Paramatma has a more perfect realization  of the sat and cit (knowledge) features of the Supreme. And one who realizes Bhagavan has the most perfect realization of the sat, cit, and ananda (bliss) features of the Supreme. 

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

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SubjectL Practice of Yoga by Swami Sivananda (Message 7)   Also Please Click To See SIVANANDA'S INTEGRAL YOGA

PRACTICE OF YOGA BY SWAMI SIVANANDA (MESSAGE 7) <=Click This Link For LargerFontFollwingText Or ClickPicyure{=>

Mind in a Jnani

Just as the mind assumes a finer state in deep sleep, so also in the case of a Jnani, the mind is in subtle state.

In Nirvikalpa Samadhi, mind is not destroyed thoroughly. It assumes a fine state just as in deep sleep. Otherwise, the various acts as done by a Jnani as eating, bathing, defaecation, etc., cannot be properly explained. A Jnanin's body is kept up for enjoyment of Prarabdha. Enjoyment can be done only through Vrittis. Pleasure and pain can be experienced only through Vrittis. So the Jnani has these Vrittis to experience his Prarabdha. He may not be affected, as he is identifying himself always with the Svarupa, Brahman and not with this body. That is a different question altogether. But the body is sure to be affected, if a carbuncle develops.

Mind, minus Vrittis, with Samskaras, only is termed potential mind. Mind keeps company with two things, either with the objects through Vrittis during perception or with Samskaras. In Savikalpa Samadhi, this form of potential mind exists. A Raja Yogi, in his Savikalpa Samadhi operates through this potential mind. If this potential mind is also destroyed, you enter into pure Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

A Jnani enters into Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Asamprajnata Samadhi or Nirbija Samadhi (Samadhi without seeds or Samskaras) through simple thought. A Hatha Yogi enters into Samadhi by awakening Kundalini. To enter into Samadhi by simple thought is far more difficult than by awakening Kundalini.

A wasp secures a caterpillar, puts it in the comb, gives a severe sting on the worm several times and closes the comb. The caterpillar cannot forget the painful sting of the wasp. It constantly remembers the wasp and by constant thinking of the wasp develops into a wasp and emerges out of the comb. So, an aspirant of the Jnana Yoga, has the mental picture of the Upanishadic Brahman formed through Sravana and Manana, constantly meditates on this picture and becomes that picture, Brahman, according to this analogy. As he thinks, so he becomes. The mind becomes that on which it intensely meditates. It infinitely expands and merges in Brahman. The mind is both atomic and all-pervading also. Mind can only attend to one message at a time received through the senses. It cannot see, hear, smell at the same time. So the mind is atomic. When purified by Samadhi, it expands, and becomes all-pervading.

When you stand on the sea-shore and survey the immense sea, the mind expands. You feel highly delighted. A similar pleasure is experienced with expansion of mind when you have a look around from the top of Mussorie hills. When you have a view of the vast plains of Rajasthan, the mind expands. When you come out from the meditation-room and look at the infinite blue sky, the mind expands. Mark these experiences carefully.

Mind—A Frightened Bird

A hungry hawk chases a bird for its prey. The bird runs away and enters a room in a house for protection. It comes out. It is again chased by the hawk. Again it enters the room. Again, it comes out. Again it is chased by the hawk. The bird gets fear and restlessness. Similar is the case with the mind in the beginning of meditation in the beginners. It tries to go to the Yathasthana, again comes out, flutters like the frightened bird from objects to objects. Again it moves a bit towards its original seat. Again it comes out. By constant and steady practice, you will have to withdraw the mind away from the sensual objects and fix it firmly on the Atman by incessant Nididhyasana. Thinking, concentration, effort to separate from the body and the Bhavana of your being the silent witness of the mental modifications should go hand in hand. A subtle intellect sharpened by meditation, strength and exertion are the three essential factors in success. Patience of a strong type, Dhriti, Utsaha, a quality of the vital will are absolutely indispensable for reaching the goal. These virtues should be cultivated slowly and steadily. Avoid unnecessary worry. Be not troubled. Be not anxious. Do not be idle. Do not waste time. Do not worry yourself if there is delay in further progress. Wait coolly. You are bound to succeed if you are sincere, if you have a strong Mumukshutva, if you have a strong Vairagya. A bird tried to empty the waters of the ocean with the blade of grass. It went on with redoubled energy in the act of emptying. Such must be the case with you with reference to strong patience, and strong perseverance.

Mind—A Mischievous Monkey

You must remember that young Brahmacharis are always mischievous. They will play the truant. A Brahmachari was once crossing the Ganga in a boat with some people from Swargashram to Muni-ki-Reti. There was a young monkey also in the boat. There was a toddy-seller also with his pot of toddy. The monkey drank some toddy out of the pot to its heart's content. The mischievous Brahmachari was playing with the monkey. A scorpion in the boat gave a sharp sting in the monkey's feet. The Brahmachari took a piece of broom-stick and pricked the monkey in its face. Now, see what happened. The monkey is by Svabhava very mischievous. It drank a good quantity of toddy, an intoxicant. It had a scorpion sting to boot. The Brahmachari fretted with the sharp broom-stick. Just imagine what would have been its mental state. The monkey became extremely turbulent and boisterous. It jumped from one corner of the boat to another. It created a lot of mischief. All the passengers moved to one side of the boat and the boat was capsized.

Similar is the case with the human, emotive mind. The mind is already saturated with passions, emotions, Vasanas, Samskaras, sensations, sentiments. You shove in a variety of passion-exciting stuffs, foods, stimulants, etc. You live amidst exciting environments, theatres, shows, cinemas. You engage yourself in the study of exciting novels. You talk on Anatma subjects. So, your position is in no way better than that of the monkey that capsized the boat. You; have no mental peace even for a second. Cares, worries, anxieties and troubles kill you. You are tossed about hither and thither by Kama, Krodha, Raga and Dvesha. You revolve in the eternal Samsara Chakra. Acquire mental Vairagya, mental Sannyasa. Practise Yoga, meditation, Nididhyasana. Secure Sadhana Chatushtaya first. Meditation alone can save you to destroy the monkey-nature of your mind.

Mind—A Playing Child

"Watch and Pray." This is the advice of Lord Jesus. Watch the mind. Watch the Vrittis or thoughts. Drive them. Extirpate them. Annihilate the thoughts. Kill them. This method is done by Yoga or by the Will of the philosopher. If you are devotional, pray to God by total unreserved, ungrudging self-surrender or Saranagati, Atmanivedana, Atmasamarpana. Your Ishta Devata will help you. If you watch the mind during meditation, you will observe it exactly behaves like a small child. The child goes to eat charcoal. Remove the child and give sweetmeats. When sweetmeats are finished, it again runs towards eating ashes. Similarly, the mind runs about towards the old objects that were enjoyed previously. It thinks of them constantly, intensely. That is its old habit. It will never leave. It tries to walk in the old groove. It walks for a short time, say five minutes in the beginning of meditation, in the new groove, in the new channel, in the new path of Saguna Murti or Nirguna, infinite light, and again runs for old objects. The child that is trying to walk, moves a few paces and falls down. It again gets up, again falls down. Even so, the mind meditates on the Lakshya (Isvara or Brahman), for a few minutes and again falls on the mire, muddy pond of objects. Again, you will have to lift the mind from the dirty, muddy mire, in which it has fallen. Coax and make it gay, cheerful, hilarious, by positive sublime thoughts. You will have to elevate and expand the mind by sublime thoughts, just as a boy elevates in his game Gulli Danda, the small stick by giving a blow with his long stick and drives it in the air. Elevate the mind by sublime, spiritual thoughts and expand it by Brahmakara Vritti and fix it on Atman by steady constant practice.

Mind—A Wild Bull

A certain landlord had a very wild bull. It would never eat grass or anything in his house. It will move about in his neighbours' fields, spoil their cultivation and graze on their plantations. The landlord tried his best to feed this wild bull in his own compound and fed it with good palatable cotton seed extracts, gram, bran, fresh grass, etc. As soon as it was let loose, it would immediately run to the old fields. The landlord would again bring back the bull and feed nicely in his compound. After some days, the bull began to relish the food in his compound, never moved about to the fields.

Similarly, the wandering mind can be quite easily controlled. There is no great difficulty for a steady Sadhaka. The mind is like the wild bull. Fix it on Saguna Murti at first, either Krishna, Rama or Chaturbhuja Maha Vishnu. As soon as the mind runs away, bring it back and fix it again on the Murti, just as the landlord did with his wild bull. When you are perfect in Dharana by constant practice, you can take up Nirguna Meditation—meditation on an abstract idea such as: 'I am infinite, all-pervading Light.' In course of time, by repeated practice, the mind will not run towards objects. It will find real happiness from within, and merge itself in Brahman.

Mind—A Wild Horse

Suppose there is a wild, untamed horse in your stable. It was brought out for grazing, etc. It refuses to re-enter the stable. It jumps out violently here and there in the compound of your Bungalow. There are two methods to make the horse enter the stable. One is a violent, brutal method of whipping severely. The other is a gentle method of showing a little grass or boiled gram just near its mouth. Do not allow it to eat. Simply show. It will try to eat. It will follow you. Take to the stable. Lock the gate.

Similarly, the undisciplined mind is like a wild horse. Pranayama and other Hatha Yogic Sadhanas are violent and brutal in one sense. The gentle method is the development of Samata state of mind. When you are established in Samata state you will have a novel pleasure, an infinite bliss. Samata state should be obtained by slow mental training. The two currents in the mind. Raga-dvesha, attraction and repulsion, should be destroyed. Samata state increases the development of the will. All varieties of emotions emanate from this single emotion, Raga-dvesha. It is these currents that drag you out to activity. They are the enemies of self-surrender. Destroy desires and egoism. Kill out the Abhinivesa, thirsting for life, objects and sense-enjoyments. Develop Viveka, Vairagya, Titiksha, Udasinata, Vichara. Have constant Satsanga. These currents will die out. It is these currents that create the ideas of pleasure and pain, friend and enemy, heat and cold, good and bad, the different Dvandvas. Dvandvas are illusory. You can convert pleasure into pain and pain into pleasure. A vegetarian goes to England to prosecute his studies. By mixing with people who take meat, he begins to taste meat. It gives him pain, distaste, nausea to start with. He continues taking meat for some days. After the lapse of some weeks, he likes meat heartily. In six months he can take 4 lbs. of raw meat at one stroke and becomes an inveterate meat-eater. So is the case with drinking also. A teetotaller becomes an inveterate, Pukka, established drunkard. Here, in these two instances, the objects, meat and alcohol, which were once objects of hatred and pain, now give pleasure and love, and have become objects of pleasure and attachment. You have converted pain into pleasure by changing your idea, mode of thinking of these two objects.

Suppose you are fond of tea, and you have taken up the spiritual line. Your Guru says: "Do not take tea. It spoils the system. It causes spermatorrhoea, wet-dreams. It is not good for spiritual practice." As soon as you have heard these ideas, you give up the tea. You have changed your ideas about tea. The same thing that was giving you pleasure, now gives you pain. You have converted pleasure into pain. Milk gives pleasure to some, pain to others. Milk gives pleasure during health, pain during fever. Milk gives pleasure when you take the first cup. The second and third cups cause vomiting. What is all this? This is Maya. Pleasure and pain are relative terms. Pleasure and pain are not in the objects, but are in the mind (due to Raga, Dvesha). Mango is not sweet. The idea about the mango is sweet. Remember this always. Maya dupes you. Senses deceive you wholesale. Mind tricks, tempts, cheats, magnifies, exaggerates, unnecessarily alarms. Be always on the alert. Good and bad are in the mind only. Virtue and sin are in the mind only. Friend and enemy are in the mind only. A person, who is an enemy to you, is a friend of another. The same person who was a friend before, is an enemy now. Raga, Dvesha have no real Svarupa. They are illusory. Destroy them. Rest in Samata state. Acquire Nirdvandva state. Rest in peace.

Ever Control the Indriyas

This is very, very important. You can do nothing in the spiritual line without perfect control of the senses. He is a Sthita Prajna who has mastery over the Indriyas. You can never go above body-consciousness, without perfect Pratyahara. Pratyahara is only possible through self-restraint, through control of the Indriyas. You cannot make Dharana without control of the senses. A rudimentary Viveka is likely to be annihilated, if you let loose again the Indriyas. The spiritual Samskaras also will be wiped out, by a Rajasic revolt of the Indriyas. Great care should, therefore, be exercised always in subduing these enemies of peace. Even Jnana Yogis should control the Indriyas. Control of Indriyas is Dama. Dama is one of the six qualifications of the students of Jnana Yoga. Tongue is a worst enemy. Control of tongue means control of all Indriyas. Give up salt for 3 years. The tongue can be easily controlled. Take milk, rice, fruits, saltless Dhal, saltless vegetable, sugar, etc. Observe Mouna for 2 years. You can control Vag-Indriya. Try to sit on Asana for 3 hours continuously. You can control the legs which give rise to continuous movement of the body. Pranayama, fasting, Sirshasana, Sarvangasana, Siddhasana all help in the control of reproductive organ. Trataka will not allow the eyes to run about wildly. Do Trataka on the tip of the nose while moving about. Yoni Mudra will help in the control of ears in the beginning. Sleep on a rough mat. Thus you can control all the organs of the body.

Control the Wandering Mind

You must know the habits and the ways of the mind Then it will be easy for you to control the mind, to develop the will and memory. One of the important habits of the mind is the wandering habit. It cannot stick to one point. It is like air. Arjuna says in the Gita: "Chanchalam hi mahah Krishna pramathi balavad dridham, tasyaham nigraham manye vayoriva sudushkaram. For the mind is very restless. O Krishna! it is impetuous, strong and difficult to bend; I deem it as hard to curb as the wind." Lord Krishna gives his reply: "Without doubt, O mighty-armed, the mind is hard to curb and restless; but it may be curbed by constant practice and by dispassion." Chap. VI-34, 35. Lord Krishna describes in clear terms the ways to check the wandering habits of the mind. Destruction of desires and the control of the senses are necessary for the control of the mind. It is the desire that makes the mind ever restless. The senses run after the objects and the mind also follows the senses, just as a dog follows the master. The rays of the mind get scattered in sensual objects. All the mental rays are dissipated in the acquisition, possession and enjoyments of sensual objects. Now the mind thinks of hearing some pleasant music. At once it gives a command to the Karma-Indriyas and Jnana-Indriyas. The feet say: "Dear sir, Mr. Mind, we are ever ready to take you to the radio. We are waiting only for your orders. Come along. Start." The ear also joins now: "Now sir, I am only waiting for your company. I am more keen and anxious than you. I am eagerly expecting when you will give me the command." This little hopeless Jiva falls into the meshes of this mind. After a little while, tongue says: "Why are you cruel and partial to me? I am also as much a dear friend to you as the ears and feet. Now let us go to the City Restaurant or Taj Mahal Hotel. You can have first-class Harrison's bun and Kashmiri apples." After sometime the reproductive organ, gets excited, because he is the friend of Mr. Tongue. Both the organs are born of the same source, the same water-Tanmatra. Tongue is born of Sattvic portion; hence it is Jnana Indriya or organ of knowledge. Organ of reproduction is born of Rajasic portion and so it is a Karma Indriya or organ of action. After you have finished a rich sumptuous Rajasic meal, the reproductive organ gets excited and you become very passionate. Mr. Tongue says: "Do not ignore me. I am also your best friend. I only keep the life of this body. If I do not take any food, this body will perish and you will have to leave this body." Reproductive organ says: "I only keep up this world show. This world will come to an end had it not been for my activity. It is through me alone people procreate. So come along. Join with me and satisfy me, just as you did with the ears and tongue." In this way man runs after the five kinds of sensual pleasures and has no rest even for a second. The mind runs in these grooves in company of the five Jnana Indriyas and this little Jiva.

Therefore, if you want to check this wandering habit of the mind, you will have to renounce all sorts of desires and control the senses first. Then you will be successful in your practice of concentration, meditation and will-culture. I came across several educated people during the course of my lecturing campaign in the Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh. They asked me: "Dear Swamiji, how to concentrate and meditate? We are meditating for the last twelve years. We have found no improvement." The simple reason is that they are not doing meditation in the right, scientific manner. They have not purified themselves. They have not renounced the desires of this world. They have not disciplined the senses. Without having these preliminary training and discipline they are trying to concentrate. Is this possible? This is something like trying to tie an infuriated elephant with a slender piece of silken thread. So Lord Krishna gives the method to curb the wandering habits of the mind: "Abandoning without reserve all desires born of the imagination, by the mind curbing the aggregate of the senses on every side, little by little, let him gain tranquillity by means of reason controlled by steadiness; having made the mind abide in the Self, let him not think of anything. As often as the wavering and unsteady mind goeth forth, so often reining it, let him bring it under the control of the Self."

Now mark carefully the words of Lord Krishna's instructions: "All desires should be abandoned without reserve." Most of the Sadhakas keep some desires for their satisfaction. Some desires lurk in the mind. Householders who practise concentration cannot leave some of their desires. They keep them for their secret gratification. Hence energy leaks, and they do not get. any improvement. They rise up five steps and suddenly fall from the spiritual ladder. Perfect dispassion is necessary for checking the wandering mind or mental oscillation or tossing. The senses must be curbed on every side. Mark the words 'on every side.' Control of one sense alone will not do. All the senses must be controlled from every side. This is another important point. As the practice is difficult and tedious, you must not be discouraged. You will have to wait patiently for results. Some people do Sadhana by fits and starts. They practise concentration for six hours daily for three months. When they see that they have not found any tangible results in the shape of Siddhis they give up the practice. So Lord Krishna says: "Little by little do the practice and be steady in the practice." Abhyasa consists in bringing the mind again and again back to the point and fixing it there. This is called Dharana in Yoga philosophy. Dharana means fixing or concentrating the mind on a point or Lakshya. When the wandering mind becomes one-pointed, the state is called Ekagrata or one-pointedness of the mind.

The subject of concentration is disgusting and tiring for the neophytes. But it is the most interesting and beneficial science in the world. When one advances in concentration, when one takes real interest, when one has realised some benefits, he cannot leave the practice. He cannot remain even for a day without concentration. He becomes restless when he fails to have the practice even for a day. Concentration brings supreme joy, spiritual strength, unalloyed felicity and infinite eternal peace. Concentration brings profound knowledge of the Truth, deep inner sight, intuition and communion with God. It is a wonderful science. I cannot adequately describe its benefits.

Concentration on a chair really means getting full, detailed knowledge of the chair, its different parts, the particular wood out of which it is manufactured such as Devadaru, Rosewood, etc., its workmanship or finish, its durability, its cost-price, the degree of comfort it gives for the back, arms, etc., whether it is light or heavy or portable for travelling purposes, whether the parts can be detached and fixed again, whether it is manufactured on modern lines and made bug-proof, what sort of polish or varnish is used to make it durable, etc. When you concentrate on the chair, these sorts of ideas only should occupy your mind. Mind generally wanders wildly at random. When it thinks of one object, in a second it leaves the present object and runs to another object like a monkey, then to a third object and so on. It cannot stick to one point or object for some time.

If you carefully watch the wandering mind you will find that there is connection though the mind wildly roams about like an unchained monkey. The law of association operates always, though the links are broken. The mind may think of a book, then the bookstall from where he has purchased the book, then a friend whom he met at the railway station when he was purchasing, then of railways, of the Directors of the Railways, who live in London. The thought of London may bring in the idea of skating. From skating it may jump to Alps. It may think of pine-trees, consumptive hospital, open air treatment. The thought of a pine-tree will bring in the remembrance of Almora and its vicinity where pine-trees grow. The thought of Almora will bring in the thought of Swami Vivekananda, who founded the Advaita Ashram at Mayavati near Almora. It may entertain some divine ideas of concentration and meditation on Advaita Brahman. Suddenly it may drop down to base sensual grooves. It may think of the prostitutes of Almora. It will entertain lustful thoughts.

All these will take place within the twinkling of an eye. The mind works and moves with a tremendous speed that is not imaginable. It catches one object and fabricates one idea and through association, it leaves this object and this idea and jumps to another object and another idea. There is a sort of concentration all throughout its wanderings, though the concentration is not a continuous one. When the thought runs in one definite groove continuously, on one subject alone, like the flow of oil, then it becomes concentration. The aspirant should withdraw the mind whenever it runs outside and put it in the same groove, in the same line of thought on one subject, on one idea. This is spiritual Sadhana. This is Yoga-Abhyasa. This is Dharana and Dhyana. This will result in Samadhi or superconscious state.

The main aim in concentration is to bring the mind to the same point or object again and again by limiting its movements in a small circle in the beginning. A time will come when the mind will stick to one point alone. This is the fruit of your constant and protracted Sadhana. The joy is indescribable now. When you meditate on a chair bring all thoughts connected with the chair and dwell on these ideas. Do not allow any other thought connected with some other object. There must be one line of thought as continuous as the sound of a bell. There may be several ideas connected with one subject. This does not matter. You can reduce the number of ideas and come to one idea of one subject. When this one idea also dies you get Samadhi. When there is one idea it is Savikalpa Samadhi—a lower stage. When there is not even a single idea, the mind becomes blank. There is mental vacuity. This is the stage of thoughtlessness of Raja Yoga philosophy. You will have to rise above this blank Vritti and identify yourself with the Supreme Purusha or Brahman, the silent witness of the mind who gives power and light to this mind. Then alone you reach the highest goal of life. The mind is Jada (insentient) but it appears like Chaitanya by borrowing the light from the Adhishthana or source—Atman, just as water exposed to the sun borrows the heat from the sun. Because there is reflection of intelligence in the mind from the background, the source of this mind, this insentient mind appears as intelligent. This is the real truth. This is the bold, genuine philosophy of the Hindu sages. Western psychologists and occultists are still ignorant. They are groping in utter darkness. They say: "There is nothing beyond mind and reason. Reason is the ultimate." Let them have their own convictions. Sooner or later they will have to admit the above truth. There is no other go. There are some philosophers and psychologists who believe that mind is a secretion of the brain. What a wrong and wild conception! They have come to admit the presence of the subconscious mind, the "dual mind theory," which is known to the Hindu sages from time immemorial. Mind is not self-luminous like the self-effulgent Atman or the Supreme Spirit. It shines in borrowed feathers. It is like a glow-worm of the rainy season. Atman is the Sun of suns, Light of lights. It is Param Jyotis, Ananta Jyotis and Svayam Jyotis. When you concentrate on a chair, do not allow any thoughts of any other object. Again and again bring the mind to the object of concentration. When you meditate on a rose, think of rose and rose alone. When you think of a person and his qualities, think of that person alone. When you think of a book, think of all matters connected with the book only. When you think of the radio or talkie, think of radio or talkie alone. Exhaust all matters connected with the subject on hand. You can take any subject that is pleasing to the mind for concentration. Slowly you can take up any object that is displeasing to the mind by creating interest in it again and again. Even when you take up any work apply your whole heart, full mind and soul wholly and solely on the work. Do it with perfect concentration. What another can do in six hours you can do it within half an hour smoothly and in a perfect, orderly manner. This is Yogic activity. You will be taken for an accomplished Yogi. Even when you study, study the subject with perfect concentration. Do not allow the mind to wander. You must shut out all external sounds. Do not allow the ears to pay attention to the external sounds. Fix the gaze at one point. Do not allow the eyes to wander. When you study one subject, do not think of a talkie or sweetmeats or a friend. The whole world must be dead for you for the time being. Such must be the concentration. It will come to you after some steady and constant practice.
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22. Salute to Lord Ganesa and Guru. Recite Guru Stotras before you start the practice.

23. He who is addicted to sensual pleasures, who is arrogant, dishonest, untruthful and who disrespects the Guru is not fit for the practice of Yoga.

24. Unless you are prepared to give up all you have for the service of the Lord and mankind you are not fit for the spiritual path or the path of Yoga.

25. Be regular in your practice. This is most important. 

26. Cultivate discrimination, dispassion and a keen desire for attaining emancipation.

27. At the conclusion of practice, offer your Sadhana to the Lord as Isvararpana.

28. Learn the Asanas, Pranayama and Kriyas from a Hatha Yogi Guru. Books also will help you.

29. Recite the Names of the Lord when you practise Asana and Pranayama.


30. Any steady, comfortable pose is Asana.

31. Sirshasana, Oordhva Padmasana are topsy-turvy poses.

32. Paschimottanasana, Yoga Mudra, Maha Mudra, Padahasthasana are forward bending exercises.

33. Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Chakrasana, Matsyasana and Supta Vajrasana are backward bending exercises.

34. Ardhamatsyendrasana and Poorna Matsyendrasana are spinal twists.

35. Mayurasana, Salabhasana, Nauli Kriya and Uddiyana Bandha are abdominal exercises.

36. Padmasana, Siddhasana, Svastikasana and Sukhasana are meditative poses.

37. Trikonasana is a sideway bending pose.

38. Savasana is the final relaxing pose.


39. Practise Yoga Asanas and Pranayama on an empty stomach in the early morning.

40. Practise for 5 or 10 minutes a day, but never miss a day's practice.

41. If you are tired, do Savasana for a few minutes.

42. In Savasana do Japa and meditation. Relax the body and mind completely.

43. There must be joy, invigoration, exhilaration of spirit after the practice.


44. Practice of Asanas removes diseases and makes the body light, firm and steady.

45. Halasana, Ardha-matsyendrasana and Sarvanga Asana make the spine elastic and make you young.

46. The body comes under your control.

47. Paschimottanasana reduces fat.

48. Bhujanga, Salabha and Dhanura Asanas remove constipation.

49. Paschimottanasana, Vajrasana and Mayurasana help your digestion.

50. Develop thyroid through Sarvangasana.

51. Sirshasana, Sarvangasana and Gorakshasana help to maintain Brahmacharya, and make you an Oordhvareta Yogi.


52. The Source for Prana is God.

53. Prana is the universal principle of energy or vital force.

54. Breath is the external manifestation of the gross Prana.

55. The seat of Prana is heart.

56. Prana is the vital force. It vibrates and moves the mind.

57. The excess of Prana is stored up in the brain and nervous centres.

58. He who knows Prana knows the Vedas.


59. Prana is expended by thinking, willing, acting, moving, talking, writing, etc.

60. Subtle Prana or psychic Prana generates thinking.

61. Control of Prana leads to control of mind.

62. Gross Prana digests food, pumps blood, excretes and secretes.

63. Prana is supplied by food, water, air and solar energy.

64. The supply of Prana taken up by the nervous system.

65. It is through the power of Prana that the ears hear, the eyes see, and the intellect functions.

66. Prana digests food, excretes and secretes.


67. Prana assumes five forms, viz., Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana and Vyana.

68. The seat of Prana is the heart. The seat of Apana is anus. The seat of Samana is the navel. The seat of Udana is the throat. Vyana is all-pervading.

69. The function of Prana is respiration.

70. Apana does secretion.

71. Samana performs digestion.

72. Udana helps deglutition, swallowing of food. It takes the Jiva to sleep. It separates the astral body from the physical body at the time of death.

73. Vyana performs circulation of blood.


74. Naga, Kurma, Krikara, Devadatta and Dhananjaya are the five sub-Pranas.

75. Naga does eructation and hic-cough.

76. Kurma opens the eyelids.

77. Krikara causes hunger and thirst.

78. Devadatta does yawning.

79. Dhananjaya causes decomposition of the body after death.


80. Pranayama is the control of Prana and the vital forces of the body.

81. A correct habit of breathing must be established by the regular practice of Pranayama.

82. Practise Pranayama in a well-ventilated room or upstairs or on the bank of a river or garden. Avoid chill draughts.

83. Do Japa and meditation to begin with at 4 a.m. Then practise Asana and Pranayama.

84. If you want to attain success in Pranayama, you must have steadiness in Asana.

85. Sit on Kusa grass, deer skin and cloth placed one over the other.

86. Repeat Om mentally during Kumbhaka or retention of breath.

87. There should be no suffocation during retention or Kumbhaka.

88. Slowly exhale.

89. Inhalation is Puraka; retention is Kumbhaka; exhalation is Rechaka.

90. If you want to attain Pratyahara, you must know Pranayama well.


91. Kumbhaka or retention of breath bestows longevity.

92. Kevala Kumbhaka is mere retention of breath without inhalation and exhalation.

93. In the beginning, for a few days do only Puraka (inhalation) and Rechaka (exhalation).

94. After some time, combine Kumbhaka (retention) also.


95. The practice of Pranayama makes the mind fit for concentration.

96. Pranayama sharpens the intellect, develops memory, brain power and the power of concentration.

97. Pranayama removes all diseases and increases the digestive fire and awakens Kundalini Sakti.

98. Suryabheda, Ujjayi, Sitkari, Seetali, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Moorcha, Plavini, are the eight kinds of Pranayama.

99. Bhastrika purifies the Nadis and breaks the three Granthis.

100. Bhastrika strengthens the lungs and cures Asthma and consumption

101. Seetali Pranayama cools your body and purifies the blood.


102. Mudra means a seal. It seals the mind with the Soul or Atman.

103. Mudra does not allow the mind to wander outside towards objects.

104. Mudras concern the mind.

105. Maha Mudra, Yoni Mudra, Yoga Mudra, Khechari Mudra, Vipareeta Karani Mudra, are the important Mudras.


106. Mulabandha, Jalandharabandha, Uddiyanabandha are the important Bandhas.

107. Bandhas pertain to the Prana. That which binds Prana is Bandha.

108. They do not allow the Prana to move upwards and the Apana to move downwards.

109. They bind and unite the Prana with the Apana and send the united Prana-Apana along the Sushumna Nadi.

110. Mula Bandha helps the Yogic student to take the Apana and the sex-energy upwards by contracting the anus and drawing up the Apana.

111. A combination of Asana, Bandha and Mudra is essential.


112. Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Nauli, Trataka and Kapalabhati are the Shad (six) Kriyas.

113. Shad Kriyas are preliminary purificatory processes.

114. Basti is drawing the water through the anus and letting it out like an enema.

115. Dhauti is cleansing the stomach with a piece of cloth.

116. Nauli is churning of the abdomen.

117. Neti is cleansing the nostrils with a thread.

118. Kapalabhati is a kind of breathing exercise for cleansing the skull.

119. Trataka or gazing develops the power of concentration to a great degree. It improves eyesight and removes diseases of the eye.

120. Trataka is steadily gazing at a point.

121. Trataka helps concentration of the mind.


122. Nadi-Suddhi is purification of Nadis.

123. Adhara-Suddhi is purification of Adhara or support.

124. Bhuta-Suddhi is purification of elements.

125. Chitta-Suddhi is purification of mind.

126. Siddhi is not possible without Suddhi.

127. If there is Suddhi (purification), Siddhi (perfection) will come by itself.


128. Nadis are astral tubes made up of astral matter that carry Pranic current.

129. Two fingers above the anus and two fingers below the organ of generative is the Kanda.

130. Seventy two thousand Nadis come out of this Kanda.

131. Kanda is the root of all Nadis.

132. Nadis can be seen by the astral eyes only.

133. Of all the Nadis, Sushumna, Ida and Pingala are the most important.


134. Nadi Suddhi or purification of the Nadis is obtained by the practice of Pranayama.

135. Ida is the Chandra Nadi. It is cool. It flows in the left nostril.

136. Pingala is Surya Nadi. It is hot. It flows in the right nostril.

137. Sushumna stands from the middle of the Kanda to the head.

138. Meditate when the Sushumna Nadi flows through both nostrils. You will have wonderful concentration.


139. Chakras are centres of energy or vital force.

140. The Chakras can only be seen by the astral eye.

141. The pineal gland is situated at the Sahasrara.

142. Merudanda is the vertebral column.

143. The pineal gland is the telepathic sense.


144. The six Chakras have been identified with the sacro coccygeal plexus, lumbar plexus, solar plexus, laryngeal plexus and cerebellum.

145. Muladhara is a lotus of four petals.

146. Svadhisthana Chakra is a lotus of six petals. It is at the root of the genitals.

147. Manipura Chakra is at the navel. It has 10 petals.

148. Anahata Chakra is the lotus in the heart with 12 petals.

149. Visuddha Chakra is the lotus in the throat with 16 petals.

150. The Ajna Chakra is the lotus in the Trikuti, the space between the two eyebrows. It has two petals.

151. Ajna Chakra is the seat of the mind.

152. Sahasrara Chakra is the thousand-petalled lotus that is located at the crown of the head.


153. The Yogic student awakens the Kundalini and takes it to the Sahasrara Chakra in the crown of the head.

154. He breaks the Brahma Granthi at Muladhara, Vishnu Granthi at Manipura and Rudra Granthi at Visuddha.

155. The Yogi opens the mouth of Sushumna through Pranayama and takes the Kundalini through the Sushumna to Sahasrara.

156. Sakti is united with Lord Siva at the crown of the head.


157. Disease, languor, doubt, carelessness, the tendency to go after sensual enjoyments, instability, mistaken notions, missing the point are the obstacles in Yoga.

158. Laziness and fickleness of mind are the two great obstacles in Yoga.

159. Too much sleep makes a man dull and lethargic.

160. Sleep for 6 hours is quite sufficient for every individual.

161. If you have ill-feelings towards anyone, remove them.

162. Light, Sattvic diet, Pranayama, Asana will remove laziness.


163. Do not spoil your health in the name of Tapasya.

164. There is no bond equal in strength to Maya and no power greater than Yoga to destroy that bond.

165. Drink a little milk in the end.

166. Wait for one hour for bath.

167. Be moderate in eating and sleeping.

168. Abandon hot curries, chutneys, too much condiments, onions and garlic.

169. Avoid too much of salt, chillies, tamarind, meat, etc.

170. Take milk, ghee, butter, honey, wheat bread, barley, fruits and vegetables.

171. Avoid overwork.


172. The whole body and all its functions are manifestations of Sakti.

173. When anger is controlled, it will be transmuted into an energy which can move the whole world.

174. When sex energy is sublimated as Ojas, it supplies abundant energy.

175. Be sincere, be earnest, be zealous; you will soon become a great Yogi.

176. Be patient and persevering.

177. Do not take stimulants and narcotics. Draw energy, vitality, inspiration from Pranayama.

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Maya is the Lord's illusory power. God creates through maya. It is maya that makes the one universal spirit appear as many, as embodied in multiple forms, and delights in the same objects, the false ideas of `I' and `mine'. Total, unreserved self-surrender to the Lord alone will enable you to cross this maya and attain His lotus-feet.

Bhakti yoga sadhana is to unfold yourself continually and to endeavour, continually, to get nearer to God. The more you unfold yourself, the more guidance you will receive and the more power you will manifest.

O man! Conquer thy craving. Conquer thy attachment. You will soon attain God-realisation. In meditation the mind is turned back upon itself, the mind stops all the thought waves.

Truth is love. Love the Lord. Speak truth. Cultivate pure unselfish love. Rest in truth. Rest in the Lord of love. Make your heart empty of all other things. Then alone will God enthrone Himself in your heart. Equal vision is the test of God-realisation and the way to God is through the heart.

God can be realised through faith, devotion, surrender and meditation. Trust in the Lord. Surrender yourself to Him. He will bless you with peace and plenty. He will bestow upon thee all health, prosperity and success.

Worship the Lord with true devotion. Lead a life of purity, humility and selflessness. Remember God. Take His name always. Meditate upon Him. Know the Lord to be the one reality in the midst of unreal things.

Think often of God, by day and by night. He is always near you and with you - He dwells in the chambers of your heart.

Dedicate all the fruits of actions and the action itself to the Lord. This is the entrance to devotion and freedom from bondage. Worship the Lord continually. Live with Him. Put your trust in Him. Think of Him continuously and you will dwell with Him.

Pray to God sincerely for strength and patience to bear pain, but not for deliverance from pain. Pain is a blessing from God. He employs it for your spiritual upliftment and emancipation. Be satisfied with any condition God places you in. God is nearer and more effectively present in sickness than in health. He is your unequalled, supreme physician and surgeon.

Many have attempted to explain (or explain away) the principle of Karma, but few have really hit the nail on the head the way that Sri Swami Sivananda (author of such amazing books as 'Thought Power') does with this article ! Enjoy !
The Law Of Karma
By Sri Swami Sivananda
What Is Karma?
Karma means not only action, but also the result of an action. The consequence of an action is really not a separate thing. It is a part of the action, and cannot be divided from it. Breathing, thinking, talking, seeing, hearing, eating, etc., are Karmas. Thinking is mental Karma. Karma is the sum total of our acts both in the present life and in the preceding births.
Any deed, any thought that causes an effect, is called a Karma. The Law of Karma means the law of causation. Wherever there is a cause, there an effect must be produced. A seed is a cause for the tree which is the effect. The tree produces seeds and becomes the cause for the seeds.
How Karma Is Fashioned
Man is threefold in his nature. He consists of Ichha (desire, feeling), Jnana (knowing) and Kriya (willing). These three fashion his Karma. He knows objects like chair, tree, etc. He feels joy and sorrow. He wills to do this, or not to do that.
Behind the action, there are desire and thought. A desire for an object arises in the mind. Then you think how to get it. Then you exert to possess it. Desire, thought and action always go together. They are the three threads, as it were, that are twisted into the cord of Karma.
Desire produces Karma. You work and exert to acquire the objects of your desire. Karma produces its fruits as pain or pleasure. You will have to take births after births to reap the fruits of your Karmas. This is the Law of Karma.
The Working Of The Law
The Law of Karma is one of the fundamental doctrines not only in Hinduism, but also in  Buddhism , and in Jainism. As a man sows, so he shall reap. This is the Law of Karma. If you do an evil action, you must suffer for it. If you do a good action, you must get happiness. There is no power on this earth which can stop the actions from yielding their fruits. Every thought, every word, every deed is, as it were, weighed in the scales of eternal, divine Justice. The Law of Karma is inexorable.
Things do not happen in this universe by accident or chance in a disorderly manner. They happen in regular succession. They follow one another in a regular order. There is a certain definite connection between what is being done now by you, and what will happen in the future.
Every action produces a threefold effect. It gives you an appropriate reward or fruit. It also affects your character. It leaves behind an impression in your mind. This impression will urge you to repeat the act again. The impression will assume the form of a thought-wave in the mind on account of a stimulus, either external or internal. An action produces an effect in the world also.
As You Sow, So You Reap
If you put a seed in the earth, it sends up a little stem. Then leaves come out of the stem. Then come flowers and fruits. There are seeds again in the fruits. Mango seed only produces mango tree. If you sow rice, you cannot expect a crop of wheat. The same sort of seed produces the same kind of plant. A human being alone is born from the womb of a woman, a horse from a horse and a dog from a dog. Similarly, if you sow the seed of an evil action, you will reap a harvest of  pain  and suffering. If you sow the seed of a virtuous action, you will reap a harvest of pleasure. This is the Law of Karma.
Whatever you sow by your actions come back to you. If you make others happy through service, charity and kind acts, you sow happiness like a seed; and it will give you the fruit of happiness. If you make others unhappy through harsh words, insult, ill-treatment, cruel acts, oppression, etc., you sow unhappiness like a seed; and it will give you the fruit of pain, suffering, misery and unhappiness. This is the immutable Law of Karma.
Your actions in the past are responsible for your present condition. Your present actions will shape or mould your future. There is nothing chaotic or capricious in this world. You become good by your good actions, and bad by your evil actions.
If you entertain evil thoughts, you must suffer the consequences. You will be in difficulties. You will be surrounded by unfavourable circumstances. You will blame your surroundings and circumstances. Understand the law and live wisely. Entertain noble thoughts. You will be happy always.
Action - Habit - Character - Destiny
Thought moulds your character. If you entertain noble thoughts, you will develop a noble character; and if you entertain evil thoughts, you will develop a base character. This is the immutable Law of Nature. Therefore, you can deliberately shape your character by cultivating sublime thoughts. Thought materialises and becomes an action. If you allow the mind to dwell on good, elevating thoughts, you will do naturally good and laudable actions.
Conduct or behaviour reveals your character. Conduct also moulds your Character. Cultivation of good conduct needs rigorous discipline and constant vigilance. You will have to watch every thought, word and action. You must be extremely careful when you conduct yourself with others. With all your good intentions, you will be carried away by the force of your previous wrong impressions, instincts and impulses. Even highly educated people lack in behaviour. Good behaviour indicates that you have a refined or polished, disciplined mind and real, good spiritual  culture . The practice of Japa, Pranayama and Mauna (or vow of silence) will help you to control the impulses etc.
You sow an action and reap a habit. You sow a habit and reap a character. You sow a character and reap your destiny. Hence, destiny is your own make-up. You have built it. You can undo it by entertaining noble thoughts, and doing virtuous actions, and changing your mode of thinking. Now you are thinking that you are the body, Mr. So and so. Now, start the anti-current of thought. Think that you are all-pervading, immortal Brahman. Brahman you will become. This is an immutable Law.
The Three Kinds Of Karma
Sanchita, Prarabdha and Agami
Karma is of three kinds, viz., Sanchita (accumulated works), Prarabdha (fructifying works) and Kriyamana or Agami (current works). Sanchita is all the accumulated Karmas of the past. Part of it is seen in the character of man, in his tendencies and aptitudes, capacities, inclinations and desires, etc. Tendencies come from this. Prarabdha is that portion of the past Karma which is responsible for the present body. That portion of the Sanchita Karma which influences human life in the present incarnation is called Prarabdha. It is ripe for reaping. It cannot be avoided or changed. It is only exhausted by being experienced. You pay your past debts. Prarabdha Karma is that which has begun and is actually bearing fruit. It is selected out of the mass of the Sanchita Karma. Kriyamana is that Karma which is now being made for the future. It is also called Agami or Vartamana.
In Vedantic literature, there is a beautiful analogy. The bowman has already sent an arrow and it has left his hands. He cannot recall it. He is about to shoot another arrow. The bundle of arrows in the quiver on his back is the Sanchita; the arrow he has shot is Prarabdha; and the arrow which he is about to shoot from his bow is Agami. Of these, he has perfect control over the Sanchita and the Agami, but he must surely work out his Prarabdha. The past which has begun to take effect he has to experience.
There is another beautiful analogy also. The granary represents the Sanchita Karma; that portion taken from the granary and put in the shop for future daily sale corresponds to Agami; that which is sold daily represents Prarabdha.
The whole lot of Sanchita Karma is destroyed by attaining Knowledge of Brahman or the Eternal. It can be greatly modified by entertaining lofty, divine thoughts, and doing virtuous actions. Agami Karma can be destroyed by expiatory rites or Prayaschitta; and by removing the idea of agency through Nimitta Bhava (attitude that one is an instrument in the hands of God) and Sakshi Bhava (attitude that one is silent witness of the actions of the senses and of the mind).
The Supremacy Of Free-Will
You are the master of your own fate. You are the architect of your own fortune. You are responsible for what you suffer. You are responsible for your present state. If you are happy, it has been your own making. If you are miserable, it has also been your own making. Every action bears a fruit sooner or later. A virtuous action produces pleasure as its effect. An evil deed causes pain.
You have no Bhoga-Svatantrya (freedom to determine the result of action), but you have Karma-Svatantrya (freedom to determine the course of action). That is the reason why the  Lord  Krishna  says: -Karmanyeva Adhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana - Thy business is with the action only, never with its fruits. - Janaka and others attained to perfection by action. You can change your character, your thoughts and desires. Mans will is ever free. Through selfishness his will has become impure. He can render his will pure, strong and dynamic by getting rid of his base desires, and likes and dislikes. Every soul is like a husbandman who has got a plot of land. The acreage, the nature of the soil, the conditions of weather are all predetermined. But the husbandman is quite at liberty to till the earth, manure it and get good crops, or to allow it to remain as a waste land.
What you are now at present is the result of what you thought and did in the past. What you shall be in the future will be the result of what you think and do now. You find an environment which is best suited to the tendencies you acquired in a former life. You can create better conditions for the future. You can make your Karma what you choose. You can rise to a very high state of perfection. You can become an Indra or you may become a perfect Yogin. You can change your character, thoughts and actions. Therefore Bhishma and Vasishtha have placed Purushartha or exertion, above destiny.
A boatman without oars, rudder and sails is carried away helplessly by the winds and currents; but a clever boatman with oars, sails and rudder, ably directs the boat in any direction he likes and reaches the other shore safely. Even so, he who knows the Laws of Nature - the law of thought, the law of Karma, the law of cause and effect - can sail fearlessly in this ocean of Samsara and reach the other shore of fearlessness and immortality quite safely. He will utilise the helping forces to his best advantage and neutralise the opposing forces skilfully, with the help of the knowledge of the Laws. Knowledge is a torch-light. Hence, knowledge is absolutely indispensable. Ignorance is the greatest sin. An ignorant man becomes a victim or a slave of nature.
The Glory Of Selfless Work
Selfish Karma leads you to rebirth and rebirth generates new Karma while working off the old. Get rid of Karma if you wish to get rid of the miseries of rebirth. Selfless work will not bind you. It will purify your  heart  and lead to the descent of the divine light and grace. Understand the Law of Karma and the law of cause and effect. Think rightly. Act nobly. Meditate regularly and attain eternal bliss and immortality.
The Doctrine Of Reincarnation
The doctrine of reincarnation or transmigration of souls is a fundamental tenet of Hinduism. The word  reincarnation  literally means embodiment again, coming again into a physical body. The individual soul takes again a fleshy covering. The wordtransmigration means passing from one place to another - passing into a new body.
The Sanskrit term Samsara is derived from the Sanskrit root Sr, which means - to pass -. The prefix Sam means - intensely -. The individual soul passes repeatedly through this world and other subtle higher worlds. This repeated passing of souls - Samsriti - is what is really meant by the term Samsara.
Samsara exists in order that the individual soul may learn to realise itself.
Man contains within himself infinite possibilities. The magazine of power and wisdom is within him. He has to unfold the divinity within. This is the object of living and dying.
Enunciation Of The Doctrine In The Hindu Scriptures
You will not cease to exist after death. Before this  birth , you have passed through countless lives. The Lord Krishna says in the Gita: - O Arjuna, both you and I have had many births before this; only I know them all, while you do not. Birth is inevitably followed by death, and death by rebirth. As a man casting off worn-out garments taketh new ones, so the dweller in the body, casting off worn-out bodies, entereth into others that are new. -
The Upanishads also declare: - Just as a caterpillar which has come to the top of a blade of grass, draws itself over to a new blade, so also does the soul draw itself over to a new body, after it has put aside its old body - (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad). - Just as a goldsmith, having taken a piece of gold, makes another form, new and more beautiful, so also, verily the Atman having cast off this body and having put away Avidya or ignorance, makes another new and more beautiful form - (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad). - Like corn, does a mortal ripen; like corn, does he spring to life again - (Kathopanishad).
Karma And Rebirth
The doctrine of rebirth is a corollary to the Law of Karma. The differences of disposition that are found between one individual and another must be due to their respective past actions. Past action implies past birth. Further, all your Karmas cannot certainly bear fruit in this life. Therefore, there must be another birth for enjoying the remaining actions. Each soul has a series of births and deaths. Births and deaths will continue till you attain Knowledge of the Imperishable.
Good Karmas lead to incarnation into higher spheres and bad Karmas into lower. By virtue is obtained ascent to higher planes and by vice, descent to the lower. From wisdom results beatitude, and bondage from the reverse. So long as Karmas - whether good or bad - are not exhausted, men do not attain Moksha or the final emancipation even in hundreds of Kalpas. Both good and bad Karmas bind tight the Jiva in their chains. One is a chain of gold and the other is that of iron. Moksha cannot be attained by man, so long as Knowledge of the Eternal is not attained.
Proofs For The Existence Of Previous Births
A new-born child manifests marks of joy, fear and grief. This is inexplicable unless we suppose that the child, perceiving certain things in this life, remembers the corresponding things of the  past life . The things which used to excite joy, fear and grief in the past life, continue to do so in this life. The memory of the past proves the previous birth, as well as the existence of the soul.
A child, just born, drinks the breast of its mother through the remembrance that it did so in the previous life, as a means of satisfying  hunger . The childs desire for milk in this life is caused by the remembrance of its experience in the previous life. This proves that the childs soul, though it has abandoned a previous body and has taken on a new one, remembers the experiences of the previous body.
You do not come into the world in total forgetfulness and in utter darkness. You are born with certain memories and habits acquired in the previous birth. Desires take their origin from previous experiences. We find that none is born without desire. Every being is born with some desires which are associated with the things enjoyed by him in the past life. The desires prove the existence of his soul in previous lives.
Passage Of The Soul Between Death And Rebirth
The soul migrates with the astral body, or Sukshma-Sarira or Linga- Deha. This astral body is made up of nineteen Tattvas or principles, viz., five organs of action, five organs of knowledge, five Pranas, mind, intellect, Chitta (the subconscious), and Ahankara or egoism. This subtle body carries with it all sorts of Samskaras or impressions, and Vasanas or tendencies, of the individual soul. The subtle body moves towards heaven. When the fruits of good Karmas have been exhausted, it gathers for itself a new physical body and reincarnates on this earth plane.
Those whose conduct has been good attain good births and those whose conduct has been evil are thrown into sinful wombs or lower births.
The Devayana And The Pitriyana
When a man who has practised  meditation  and worship dies, he first goes to light, then from light to day, from day to the bright half of the moon, from the bright half of the moon to the six months when the sun goes to the north, from that to the year, from the year to the sun, from the sun to the moon, from the moon to the lightning. When he comes to the sphere of lightning, he meets a person who is not human. That person leads him to the Karya Brahman or Hiranyagarbha. This is the Way of the Devas or Devayana.
He who has done works of public utility and alms, first goes to the smoke when he dies, from smoke to night, from night to the dark half of the moon, from the dark half of the moon to the six months when the sun goes to the south; and from that, he goes to the region of the forefathers, from the world of the forefathers to the ether, from the ether to the moon. He lives there so long as his good works will allow. When the effect of the good works is  exhausted , he comes back to this earth by the same route. He first becomes ether, and then air, and then smoke, and then mist, then cloud, and then falls upon the earth as rain-drops. Then he gets into food which is eaten up by man, and finally becomes his child.
He passes through the various existences of the mineral kingdom, of the plant and of the animal realms - the Udbhijja (born of seed), the Svedaja (born of sweat) and the Andaja (born of eggs), before coming into the Jarayuja (viviparous or of  placental  origin).
How To Break The Bond Of Samsara
The chains that tie you to this wheel of Samsara or Bhava-Chakra or round of births and deaths, are your desires. So long as you desire objects of this world, you must come back to this world in order to possess and enjoy them. But, when all your desires for the mundane objects cease, then the chains are broken and you are free. You need not take any more births. You attain Moksha or the final emancipation.
You wander in this Samsara as you think that you are different from the Lord. If you unite yourself with Him through meditation and  Yoga , you will obtain immortality and eternal bliss. Cut the bonds of Karma through Knowledge of the Eternal and enjoy the Supreme Peace of the Atman, thy innermost Self and Inner Ruler. You will be freed from the round of births and deaths. Freed from sin, freed from passion, you will become a Jivanmukta or liberated sage. You will see the Self in the self and see the Self as all.
The Concept Of Avatara
Avatara is the decent of God on earth for the ascent of man. The Lord Krishna says: - Though unborn, the Imperishable Self and also the Lord of all beings, yet brooding over nature which is Mine own, I am born through My Own Power. Whenever there is decline of righteousness, then I Myself come forth. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age - (Ch. IV-6, 7, 8).
The Doctrine Of Grace
The Bhagavatas had their own scriptures called the Pancharatra Agamas which expounded the cult of Vasudeva and which were, therefore, looked upon by them as being equal to the Upanishads. Their  religion  was based on Gods Grace to erring humanity. It, therefore, greatly emphasised the doctrine of Avatara or incarnation and popularised the immortal stories which were afterwards collected together in the Harivamsa, Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavata Purana. If you study these books, you will clearly know about the glory of Lord Krishna.
You can attain God-realisation through worship of Avataras like Krishna and Rama. Many have already attained God-realisation. Tukaram, Ramdas, Surdas, Mira Bai, Tulsidas and several others have seen God face to face. Their powerful writings bespeak of their high spiritual attainments.
Degree Of Gods Manifestation
There are Purna-Avataras (full incarnations), Amsa-Avataras (partial incarnations), Avesa-Avataras (inspirational incarnations), etc. The Lord  Krishna  has sixteen rays. He is a Purna-Avatara. He still exists. There are His Nitya-Lilas in Go-Loka or Celestial Vrindavana.
It is only ignorant, deluded souls who speak against the doctrine of Avatara, who say that the Lord Krishna was a human being only. They have not studied properly the holy scriptures. They are Tamasic persons with little understanding. They cavil and carp. The Lord Krishna says: - The evil-doing, the deluded, the vilest men, they come not to Me, they whose wisdom is destroyed by illusion, who have embraced the nature of demons. Such is their fate. -
Friends!  Worship  Rama or Krishna at all times with all your heart and with all your mind. Glorify Him in your heart. He will soon reveal Himself to you and you will feel His Presence. You will attain immortality and eternal bliss. Glory to Avataras. Glory to the Lords, Krishna and Rama, the Avataras of Lord Vishnu! May their blessings be upon you all.
Be sure to create your Karma with your highest will and passion.. Namaste!
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West Wall:  What You Think About Daily With Close Attention And Interest Will Become A Part Of You And Will With Absolute Certainty Visibly Manifest Itself In Your Life
Add Roof: In Words That Are Positive Describing In Reality By Visualizing As You State The Roof Of Attributes Of What You Want To Be What You Want To Manifest Into Visible Reality!!!!

Science Of Mind: Ernest Holmes: ScienceOfMind.com/Practices DailyDevotional BibleResources.Bible.com eBible.org/Bible/KJV KJV Format1 eBible.org/Bible/KJV/MAT06.htm Matthew 6: 1-34 6: 9-13 25-34 6:1 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. 2 Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 3 But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: 4 That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly. 5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. 7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. 8 Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him. 9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven. 11 Give us this day our daily bread. 12 And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. 13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen. 14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: 15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. 16 Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 17 But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face; 18 That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly. 19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. 22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. 23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! 24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. 25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment? 26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? 27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? 28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: 29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith? 31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? 32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. 34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.  The King James Version (Authorized) Psalm 23: 1 The LORD is my shepherd: I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Mark: Have Faith In God Mark 11:24 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have themGOLDEN RULE: Spoken By Jesus Christ Attributed To Vedas In  Origin: See: The Law Of Karma: DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU: 
BRAHMAN ATMANThe Philosophy of Life: Swami-Krishnananda.Org: The Atman alone exists. It appears as the objects which we cognise, just as a rope appears as a serpent. The Atman puts on the appearance of these phenomenal objects. That is Brahman which is the Self of all beings. That Brahman is without cause and without effect, without anything inside or outside, without defect or impurity, without length and breadth, without colour, shape or form. That Brahman is without limbs, parts, name or caste, without hands and legs. That Brahman is an embodiment of wisdom, peace and bliss. It shines by itself. It is self-luminous. All the objects that you cognise outside really exist in the highest Self. All objects shine after It, i.e., they borrow their light from the self-effulgent Atman. The whole world exists within Brahman. It appears as external through the force of Maya, just as your body appears in a mirror. An infinite Vastu (substance) must be Nirakara (formless) and Vyapaka (all-pervading). It must be beyond time, space and causation. It must be unchanging and beginningless. It must be causeless, too. A thing that is beyond time, space and causation must be immortal. This infinite Vastu (substance), having no sound, etc., does not decay or suffer diminution. Therefore, it is eternal, for what decays is ephemeral.  What is an effect is not eternal but is absorbed into its cause, as earth, etc. But this Being, the cause of all, is not an effect; and not being an effect, it is eternal. It has no cause into which it could be absorbed. It is endless; therefore, it is eternal: Dharma, Artha, Kama, (Different From KARMA See LawOfKARMA) Moksha – Brahmacharya, Garhasthya, Vanaprastha, Sanyasa Excellent:> Free Philosophy of Religion Audios Video: When Everthing Is Lost: Everything Shall Be Found Also: When Everything Goes: Everything Comes...  Swami Krishnananda YouTube Excellent:> HINDUWebsite: Purusharthas or The Four Aims of Human Life  Four Ashramas of Life: ManusmritiLaws Namaste: The Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you and acknowledges we are the same. HARI OM:  OM (Aum) Transcendental Meditatiom (TM) TM.Org

Fri May 27, 2011: 4:01 am ET Aussie Student Finds Universe  'Missing Mass'
Aussie student finds universe missing mass AFP/NASA/File – This NASA illustration photo shows stars that are forming in a dwarf starburst galaxy located about 30 …
– Fri May 27, 4:01 am ET
SYDNEY (AFP) – A 22-year-old Australian university student has solved a problem which has puzzled astrophysicists for decades, discovering part of the so-called "missing mass" of the universe during her summer break.

Undergraduate Amelia Fraser-McKelvie made the breakthrough during a holiday internship with a team at Monash University's School of Physics, locating the mystery material within vast structures called "filaments of galaxies".

Monash astrophysicist Dr Kevin Pimbblet explained that scientists had previously detected matter that was present in the early history of the universe but that could not now be located.

"There is missing mass, ordinary mass not dark mass ... It's missing to the present day," Pimbblet told AFP.

"We don't know where it went. Now we do know where it went because that's what Amelia found."

Fraser-McKelvie, an aerospace engineering and science student, was able to confirm after a targeted X-ray search for the mystery mass that it had moved to the "filaments of galaxies", which stretch across enormous expanses of space.

Pimbblet's earlier work had suggested the filaments as a possible location for the "missing" matter, thought to be low in density but high in temperature.

Pimbblet said astrophysicists had known about the "missing" mass for the past two decades, but the technology needed to pinpoint its location had only become available in recent years.

He said the discovery could drive the construction of new telescopes designed to specifically study the mass.

Pimbblet admitted the discovery was primarily academic, but he said previous physics research had led to the development of diverse other technologies.

"Whenever I speak to people who have influence, politicians and so on, they sometimes ask me 'Why should I invest in physics pure research?'. And I sometimes say to them: 'Do you use a mobile phone? Some of that technology came about by black hole research'.

"The pure research has knock-on effects to the whole society which are sometimes difficult to anticipate."
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wee Toda temple, Ooty, India
This travel blog photo's source is TravelPod page: Ooty and aboot....
Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with Patience and Equanimity:      Carl Jung 
Quaker Philosophy: Each Human Being Has An Integrity That Can Be Hurt Only By The Act Of That Same Human Being And Not By The Act Of Another Human Being. Click: Quakers

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"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Readers,

New Year’s Eve is generally a time given over to recalling what has transpired during the ending year. It is a nostalgic time for reminiscing and reviewing all the experiences that life has brought about in our day to day existence. It is also a time for anticipating what changes we can make, what cycles we can break, and what patterns we can undo in order to document improvement in our lives. It is list making time and time to contractually put things on paper that we choose to commit to in the coming year. A goal of furthering education, dedicating more time to family, accomplishing persistent unfulfilled dreams, righting wrongs, and just doing what has been left undone for too long are all items on many people’s lists.

My goals never seem to change, but this year I am going to make my goals a priority. Too often they are delegated to the back burners of life and I find myself resenting other goals that sneak in and jockey for a prime spot on my list. Usually these goals are not my own, but from someone else’s agenda. The person making the request just needs this one thing done and promises that no more favors will be requested. Well, you know the rest of the story since this scenario plays out in all our lives.

Napoleon Hill talks about the Law of Compensation, and essentially this means that the good that you do will return to you with interest! I believe this to be true, and have experienced it myself, but I want to remind you that we need to be good to ourselves too. Neglect of our personal dreams does not get us any bonus points. It only makes us resentful and hard to be around. So, prime your own pump first and then give to others from the overflow. This works because we honor who we are and acknowledge our personalized mission on this planet. If we fail to fulfill our birth contract, Napoleon Hill reminds us that we may just get the same assignment again the next time around! This is one way that we can rest assured that we are doing what we were put here to do for the good of mankind.

Be Your Very Best Always,
Judy Williamson

Clock of Time
By Napoleon Hill

The hands of the Clock of Time are moving swiftly onward! We cry out, "Backward, turn backward O Time in your flight," but Time does not heed your cries.
Father Time

It is later than you think!

Arouse yourself, fellow wayfarer; awake and take possession of your own mind while you still have enough Time to become, during the yet unexpired future, that which you would have liked to have been in the past.

Make the most of your present allotment of Time, with the hope that you will not have to reincarnate in order to do the job all over again because of neglect.

You have been warned!

Now the responsibility is YOURS. There is a simple test by which you may judge whether or not you have been using your Time to best advantage. If you have attained peace of mind and material opulence sufficient for your needs, your Time has been properly used. If you have not attained these blessings, your Time has not been properly used, and you should begin now to search for the circumstances in connection with which you have fallen short.

The truly great people have no such reality as "idle time," because they keep their minds geared eternally to patterns of constructive thought. By this profound use of their Time, they develop an alert sixth sense through which they look, listen, and see from within.

If negative thoughts stray into the minds of the truly great, these thoughts are immediately transmuted into positive thoughts and exercised by positive physical action appropriate to their nature.

Tick, tick, tick - the pendulum of the Clock of Time is swinging rapidly!

The entire face of civilization is undergoing an uplifting operation.

Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong are engaged in mortal combat for supremacy. The Time has come for everyone to stand up and be counted. The use each of us makes of his individual allotment of Time will tell whose side each of us is on - Mr. Right's or Mr. Wrong's.

Something has speeded up the Clock of Time so rapidly that the last half of the twentieth century will reveal to mankind more individual opportunities for self-improvement that have been revealed during the entire past of man's existence.

Your share of these vast OPPORTUNITIES may be embraced and used only by the way you relate yourself to TIME!

Source: You Can Work Your Own Miracles. Fawcett Columbine Book. 1971. Pgs. 119 & 120.
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