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This is  not a mortgage company. Company is a Private Real Estate company. Loan consultant is not free now. Company is a private real estate company nationwide and worldwide. Real estate associate requires a deposit because company  needs to know the client is serious about the real estate transactions to move forward in business.
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Policy Notice Page

Policy Notice Page
President of the united states of America's salary is 400,000 a year.
Vice President of the united states of America's salary is 244,000 a year.

Company Legal Notice

While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, neither the Author nor the Publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary  interpretation  of the  subject  matter  herein nationwide and worldwide today.

This publication is not intended for use as a source of legal or accounting advice. The Publisher wants to stress that the information contained herein may be subject to varying state and/or local laws or regulations. All users are advised to retain competent counsel or lawyers to determine what state and/or local laws or regulations may apply to the user’s particular business. Deposits are refundable at the first Real Estate transaction at closing time nationwide and worldwide. Client agrees to all company legal policy by  signing and printing name and making a deposit  with  this  company. All client will not hold company liable for any reason globally.

The  Purchaser  or  Reader  of  this  publication assumes responsibility for the use of these materials and information products and services around the world. Adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, federal, state, and local governing professional licensing, business practices, advertising, and all other aspects of doing business in the United States or any other jurisdiction is the sole responsibility of  the Purchaser  or  Reader  worldwide. By client making a deposit with this company client automatically agree with all company policy notices nationwide and worldwide with EZ Real Estate Biz  Tested-proven realestate strategies take action now. Call  this  company  with any  question or problem  to solving clients situation.

The Author or Publisher assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of any Purchaser or Reader of these materials. Make it clear to all that this publication  is not  responsible for  how much a  customer will  make globally  now.

Any perceived slights of specific people or organizations are unintentional. This is a refundable purchase order within 4 calendar days of purchase with the ongoing real estate walk-in and coaching  business  program   with EZ Real Estate Biz today. After 4 calendar days no  refund  from  this company business worldwide.

All clients must consult with an attorney before putting any deposit with this company worldwide. Associates deposit​ agreements are refunded back at closing time. Clients deposits are not refundable after 4 days as of knowledge working on associates transactions worldwide towards closing time or within 4 calendar days. Use company starter  kit manual. All associates no guarantee on any resource closing or any real estate closing.  Financial  freedom  can  be  yours  in  just  a  matter  of weeks take action right away.

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Company Disclaimer

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except as permitted under Section 107  or  108  of the 1976 United States First Copyright Act without express written permission. United States law.

Limit of Liability/  Disclaimer of warranty: While the publisher and author and company have used their best efforts in preparing this material, products and services nationwide and worldwide they make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this starter’s kits  and products specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness of a particular purpose. No warranty may be created or extended by sales representatives or written sales materials. These advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation and your state or country. You should consult with a professional attorney worldwide. Neither the publisher nor author shall be liable for any loss of profit or any other residential or commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential  other damages. Any and all references to persons or businesses, whether living or dead,  existing or  defunct, are purely   coincidental,  nationwide   and   worldwide.  Benefit  immediately with this company EZ Real Estate Biz.

Due to state by state regulatory information being subject to change without prior notice, the information provided should be verified  independently. Before taking any action based on the information provided, it is our recommendation  that  you  consult  with  a  local  attorney.  All  associates  agree  by printing their  legal  name   nationwide   and   worldwide  real  estate  business.  Actions  can  change your   problems  in  life   call  toll  free.

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                                    COMPANY LEGAL DISCLAIMER

THE KNOWLEDGE PRESENTED HEREIN REPRESENTS the views of the author and company as of the date of publication. Because of the rate at which conditions change, the author reserves the right to alter and update his opinions based on new conditions. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author cannot assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Any perceived slights against individuals or organizations are unintentional. The author makes no representation of warranties with respect to the contents of this starter kit book and specifically disclaims any implied warranties or merchant ability or fitness for any particular purpose and shall in no event be liable for any loss of profit from any real estate property residential or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other  any property,  real residential and any commercial  damages worldwide. This company EZ Real Estate Biz will not charge a fee for  any funds for any loan transactions. Client agree by signing on all deals and making a deposit for a lifetime associate affiliate with this company EZ Real Estate Biz. There is  no  substitute  only  real estate have the highest demand in the world to day. This is a one in a life time opportunity.

EZ Real Estate Biz Company Policy Notice: Under no circumstances is the Associate Partner allowed sign or print the President’s name  or   any top head person from the  company without asking for permission from  the CEO of the company & Company President. 
Client  agrees   by  printing  and signing their name not to slander this company or company head person CEO and President and staff     from  internet  slander  nationwide around the world with this company policy notice. And proceeding of every nature  and description.  

EZ Real Estate Biz Company Policy Notice: All contracts must be at least  30 to 180 plus business days to closing, But can close in 7 days  plus. By  paying  a  refundable  deposit  now,  you  agree  to  all  the  company policies and legal terms. By signing or printing your name and making associate deposit. See company policy notice as follows: Client requesting proof of funds first must be approved in writing by the private investors group for their resource project transaction. Customer associate deposit is non refundable for time and knowledge  working  on  associates  transactions  worldwide  towards  closing  time. Client deposit is refundable within 4 days globally.

CLOSING DATE EXTENSION: Seller or buyer may extend closing a reasonable amount of time not to exceed 180 days plus open contract to facilitate the process of financing, structural, appraiser, title & deed, attorneys and partners. This open contract will survive any act of nature and act of terrorism worldwide for 180 days plus open contract. Owner seller may cancel this extended 180 days open contract by receiving earnest money down payment and close with a signed contract by a new buyer, as per company policy  worldwide.

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​                                                                                      4

Real Estate Associate Partners and Affiliates, bring your referrals to company Agreement 4 Order page. One  quick way to start getting your money back, as you pursue the real money in the real estate deals. You identify the party to company and you get your referral fee at closing time fast, as documented here on Agreement 4 Order page follow instructions. We provide you 104 subject headings for Craigslist which you rotate with the Craigslist ads now. Change to your name, vice president with your phone number. This will get you immediate cash flow while working on closing real estate deals. Let us discuss this further by calling the company. The firm corporate is very concerned about company real estate life time associate partners and affiliates current financial situation. Company needs to have you very relaxed with constant cash flow  free  of  any  pressure or worries.  All resource applications  must be completely  filled out from the borrower. And  proof of funds after getting a mandatory appraisal a must for the building property nationwide to get proof of funds from the resource for  all associates around the world real estate business advisor.

 Also should you have interest in consultant resources with  company. Familiarize yourself and specifically will work on your clients resource requests as per the transaction flow. Starting with the terms  and your client’s completion of your clients deposit payment of $198-$298-$400-$500-$600-$700-$800-$900-$1,000-$2,000-$4,000-$6,000-$8,000 plus for company real estate life time associate partnership assures company will work on your client’s resource request until it is done. All resource requests are tied to and come with real estate associate life time partnership. This deposit payment is refunded at closing time of your client’s resource request  or closing of your referred client’s first real estate deal, not before. Even if your clients are looking only for resource, encourage them to participate in the Real Estate Associate Partnership Program as this comes as part of processing consultant  resource request. Company  is not a  mortgage company it's a private  real estate company around the world  business. With  strong  great  quality value.  No refund after 4 calendar days company global policy.

Real estate associate partners and Internet get help to arrange resource request payment as documented here at Agreement 4 Order Page on  a case by case basis, plus you get a share in the closing fees of currency and/or real estate deals from  your referrals, also on a case by case basis, depending on your efforts. All fee sharing agreements will be documented and paid out at closings of resource or real estate transactions. Specifically as noted on Agreement 4 Order page. Make up to 30% share at closing time . maximum share if company works to close sale for you at closing time. Determined on a case by case basis. Commission payout status is earned at Lifetime Silver+ Partner Membership: Which can be earned from accumulated sales: commission payout status means check is cut to you when your upgraded status reaches Silver Partner ongoing Lifetime Membership either by your upgrade  payment or earned by accumulated sales mentioned above or joining at Silver Level and up. Call company today.

Commissions for real credit/debit card sales  are paid out by  USPS certified mail after closing the date of payment. Commissions for affiliate sales made by bank wire are paid out by USPS certified mail at closing time. After wired funds are received and settled in company bank account. Commissions for affiliate sales made by business or  personal  checks are  paid out by USPS certified mail  after closing time  Check is received  and settled in company bank account. This is real business worldwide tested. All client  agree to company policy notices by printing  legal name.  All electronic delivered products are non refundable after 4 calendar days nationwide and around the world professional business. Company Policy there is no refund after 4 calendar days. All clients have a right to a refund nationwide and worldwide business transaction deals now.

Company  Affiliate Commission Policy

   Company Law Suit Disclaimer Policy Notice Confidential                                                            Professional Private Real Estate Company

To all real estate associate deposit clients. Be it known, for good consideration of the nationwide and worldwide mutual release of both parties from any lawsuit by client signing and printing all companies documentations and by client putting associate deposit. Client agrees automatically to this mutual release form nationwide and worldwide from any harm to this company by any government power of  authority  in the united states and including all other states or any other power of authority around the world by clients printing their legal name  and making a deposit, client agrees to all companies legal  policy  notice  disclaimers. This company is not responsible for  any legal  matters  worldwide. Customer  deposits  are  not refundable after 4 days for time and knowledge working on associates transactions

Do hereby comply clients mutual release agreement. Company does not guarantee any transaction nationwide and worldwide. Both parties mutually and reciprocally release, discharge, acquit, and forgive each other from all claims, contracts, actions, suits, demands, agreement, liabilities, and proceedings of every nature and description by both parties from any law authority inside the United states of America or around the world  and equity that either party has or may have against the other, arising from the beginning of time to the date of client signing and printing any companies policy notice. This confirms that both parties agree to the mutual release deals, including but not necessarily limited to an incident  or  claim  against  this   company  null and  void on any  transaction deals  globally Client agreement: All clients must sign or print company’s four (1) page documentation. Consult an attorney before putting in any deposit with this  company. All  worldwide  associate  deposits  are  refunded  back  within 4 days. Use company starter kit to flip real estate properties
Professional Private Real Estate Company Around The World Transactions.
Universal Worldwide Legal Notice Associate Deposit Agreement

For Real Estate and Business resource $100,000 to Multi - Million plus resource, on any project, a Resource Application currency level is required in addition to the electronic resource Application   Submit  Form,   according   to your currency request globally. All associates have a rich life style by owning your own  global real estate  business. Take action  now and sign if you like. Super  powerful strong knowledgeable instructional  manual  life long  instruction  business program work around the world transaction today fast. Start now if you like.

After Payment above followed by Resource Application Submit Form, followed by your Electronic or Email currency terms or Business Plans as appropriate, our Initial Underwriting Review by one of our Resource Professional Analyst will be provided with Closing resource Agreement within 1 To 7 Plus Business Days if need more information on your currency request application  review,  based  on  the liability of  your  Resource  Request   Nationwide  and  around  the  world  global   resource  consulting  company  doing new business globally.

Terms and Conditions of deposit payment: your resource request must come with real estate life time associate partner membership as per your deposit. Client deposit is for associate memberships worldwide. Life time associates get up to 30 percent share at closing . Policy Notices: For appropriate refundable deposit payment , which come with EZ Real Estate Biz startup kits 1-4. according to deposit. Client acknowledges payment and all of company resources to make real estate deal happen with your real estate partner membership deposit . Client acknowledges that you have read  and agreed to all terms and conditions by signing your legal name noted here Nationwide and Worldwide today. Guarantee of services. Positively no risk with this company nationwide and worldwide global company. Act right away sign to get started immediately on your transactions. We need to make sure you are serious. this deposit  will be sent back to you at closing immediately. New resource law in United States of America filed a  new no deposit charge law created in 2008 and amended in 2009 and 2010 which forbids charging upfront fees to all resource clients nationwide. This agreement applies to all users of this resource service and currency products and shall remain in full. while you use the services or not.  Client agrees by printing legal name all electronic delivered products are non  refundable after 4 days  nationwide  and worldwide businesses. Call this company today if you to start this powerful business that can make you very rich person in this country and around the world real estate business transaction for a life time now

Company and partners will work on your resource request as per the Transaction Flow. You and your representative will provide as much detail as is needed in the Form Summary pertinent to your resource request. Your Deposit Payment is for Real Estate life time Associate Partnership, which assures we will work on your powerful Request nationwide and around the world. An agreement for fee Payment will be presented to you at the appropriate time as the timing for resource approaches and will be determined based on the efforts, complexity and all other factors associated with Closing  /  for company Real Estate Associate partners  around the world Real Estate  consulting  Business.  Company  or  its  designers  reservs  the rights  to  change  any  and all deposit prices for any service and products for all customers for any reason without any notice nationwide and worldwide real estate business.

Deposit Payment for EZ Real Estate Biz comes with Appropriate worldwide important document according to above Deposit for doing Real Estate Deals with Company Real Estate Investor Partnership, and is refunded at Closing of your Resource Request only. Not refunded before Closing of your First Real Estate Deal, or whichever comes first only not  before.  Client  has  the  option  to  work  the  Real  Estate  Business  nationwide and worldwide. This company have the right to charge this website wording at any time from within  United  States or  any  other  country  in  the  world  today.  All   affiliates   must  show up to 4 forms  of  ID   to  get  a  commission   from   us  worldwide.  Call  this  company today now.

Purchasers deposits are not refunded after 4 days for time and knowledge working on associates transactions worldwide.
Client agrees to all company policy notice worldwide by printing or signing name, with all transactions source resource for client.
It is understood that this Service Deposit Payment Agreement shall be signed by the Real Estate Business Client
before the business service relationship starts and the Agreement Service Deposit Payment is paid in full totally

              All clients must consult with an attorney before putting any deposit with this company worldwide. Associates deposit agreements are refunded back at closing .
             Clients deposits are not refundable after 4 days for time and knowledge working on associates transactions worldwide towards closing time  and all starter kits.
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Company policy Compliance Notice: Company Privacy Notice. All client personal information and discloses  data well  be  protect  and  not be  sold and  privacy  by law. Legal document. 1998 Data protection act nationwide biz.
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The financial security and safety of all  client and customers remain our number one highest priority nationwide and worldwide   business.
Company does not use clients deposit for   any     personal funds and business expenses worldwide.
Company Business Commission Policy Notice
President of the United States of America salary is $400,000 a year.
Vice President of the United States of America Salary is $244,000 a year
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