Seller's Legal Name                                                                                                                                                                    

Property Sale Address:                                                           


Cell Phone                                                                                                                  Office Phone                                               

Home Phone                                                                                                                Fax Number                                                              

                                                  Property Information                                                            

Total Units:                 Total Baths:                  Pictures & Video of Property                   Total Garages:               Are your Garages Attached or Detached                             

Type of Property:                            Frame:                           Does the property have a basement?               Stucco:               Is the title and deed in your name:

What year was the property Built?                      How Long have you owned the property?                              Total Bedrooms in property:               Total Floors:           

                                                  Property Status

In what condition is the property?                               Describe any needed Repairs below (If none, click 'N/A'). 

Are you the real owner?                 When does the real estate broker contract end? 

Does owner have a contract with any buyers?                 Any Liens, Permit Issues, or Code Violations?                Does the roof need any repairs?                     

Repair Estimate (If any):                                                Is property free and clear?                Is a Broker involved? 

                                                     Financial Status

Property Value:                                 Type of property:                              Balance Due:                                  Yearly Taxes/Taxes Owed:

Asking Price:                                  Owner all cash asking Price:                                   Loan Type:                             Have you tried owner financing?

Property Is Owner Occupied?                What is the rent for one month?                      Has the property been vacant? If so, for how long?

Why are you Selling the property?

                                                                                         Other Information

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